We’re looking forward to another wonderful tournament!!!

Your name will be posted here within three days of submitting your entry form. The events below might change prior to the tournament. Official draws will be posted on  Thursday afternoon at the tennis center.

Please keep in mind practice courts are available on Thursday prior to play beginning on Friday. Plan on coming early to participate in pick-up games. Grab your racket….grab a drink….and meet on the courts!

If your name isn’t listed below….you are not entered.

(It takes around five days from entry in order for your name to show on the list below).

  Player                                                                         Event ______________________

Joel Alsobrook
Tina Andrews
Judy Armour
Terral Armstrong
Boris Bacanurschi
Alessandra Baker
Ryan Baker
Allen Barrett
MJ Baxter
Aleisa Bayne
David Bayne
Wallace Beckett
Anthony Bensch
Cheryl Bonno
Brian Bonsall
Denise Botelho
Liston Broughton
Christine Brown
Chris Burns
Shea Butler
Chrystal Campbell
Amanda Cifaldi
Walter Clark
Sean Connolly
Amy Cooper
Susan Coyle
Dale Cross
Albert Day
Alyssa Degnan
Nell DeVore
Denise Dickson
Mark DiMaria
Ron Donat
Michael Doyle
Nadine Doyle
Seamus Doyle
Mark Dubin
Natosha Evans
Lisa Fennessy
Lois Finlay
Joseph Fleiss
Zachary Frank
Joyce Frederick
James Galla
Sandy Garland
Susan Garland
Doug Garrett
Susan Geist
Davis Gleaton
Jennifer Gleaton
Willie Goodwin
Brooklyn Graham Kennedy
Cindy Haines
Scott Haines
Pam Harris
Terry Hash
Gwen Hedgepeth
Mario Henry
Min Hickson
Steven Hickson
Pat Higgins
Cindy Hile
Clay Hile
Angela Hind
Chris Hobson
Edie Hobson
Patti Hobson
Doug Hodge
Kevin HoffDiesel
Melissa Hoffman
Mark Hutter
Michele Ingram
Faedra James
Charles Jarvis
Scott Jennings
Ben Johnson
David Johnson
Rhonda Johnson
Shelley Johnson
Elle Jones
Erin Kalbaugh
Kevin Kalbaugh
Bobbie Kicklighter
Frank Kicklighter
Graham Kicklighter
Patrick Kicklighter
Lance King
Yolanda King
Bedford Lally
John Levinson
Linda Lewis
Nozipho Lewis
Arthur Little
Rico Lowe
Gary Mallard
Randy Marcotte
Jimmy Marston
Johnnie Marston
Ronald Martin
Barry Mathews
Susan Mathews
Greg McAfee
Jessica McAfee
Jason McClure
Kaylie McCormack
Nathan McCormack
Vance McGhee
Daniella McGowan
Rachel McMahan
Hanne McNutt
Laura Meltzer
Scott Meltzer
Hector Molina
Kirk Nagy
Sal Neary
Yuki Neary
Linda Nguyen
Reid Nix
Neil OBoyle
Paula OBoyle
Patrick ODonnell
Ajdin Omanovic
Ray Orris
Lauri Owens
Michelle Presley
Nancy Pryately
Titus Rachel
Kimberly Reed Robbins
Lance Retter
Rose Retter
Heather Robinson
Laura Rogers
Tracy Rogers
Chris Rowe
David Rowe
Lynne Ruff
Jon Sabo
Rich Saleh
Barry Scantlin
Brad Self
Scott Serapiglia
Victoria Serapiglia
Michael Serenko
Sonia Shelf
Audrey Sherrod
Derek Sherrod
Jeff Silverberg
Roger Simmons
Joan Smith
Ronald Smith
Patty Spears
Douglas Stahura
Jay Stancil
Sally Starling
Kelley Stines
Lindsey Strisik
Randy Talley
Kris Talsania
Sydney Taylor
Suhas Tembe
Sandra Thorpe
Chuck Timilty
Jim Turner
Fabian Urteaga
Sergio Vinci
Kristin Von Seggern
Barbara Walters
Gregory Walters
James Welch
Bob Wheeler
Kristin White
Mary Williams
Melissa Williams
Gina Woods
Cindy Woody
Steve Woody
Georgette Wrenn
Jan Youngers


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