March 11 Update:

Please keep in mind that daylight savings time kicks in tonight. Remember to spring forward.

If you have an opportunity tomorrow, please thank Jackie who has done our court scheduling this year. She has done an exceptional job in keeping us on track.

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March 9 Update:

A special thanks to our sponsors:

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A few things to keep in mind as we get ready to start tomorrow morning:

(scroll down to the bottom and “Choose an Event”)

  • Draws are also posted at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. If your match has “PD” designated on it, it will be played at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (6 Trent Jones Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC); If it has “CC” designated on it, it will be played a the Center Court Complex  (20 Carnoustie, Hilton Head Island, SC). If your match is at the Center Court Complex, you can report directly there for your match.
  • Lunch is provided tomorrow and Saturday for players and paid guests. Please be respectful of those who might not be able to eat right as food is served.
  • Feel free to like or post comments on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/southerntennisescape


If you brought old rackets or tennis bags to donate to USTA’s Atlanta Youth Tennis Foundation, please drop them at the tournament desk. We’re also bringing awareness to the “Tennis for Troops” organization.

If you have any issues, please contact me via phone or e-mail.  Let’s get ready for some tennis!!!



 March 7 Update:

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 24th Annual Southern Tennis Escape Invitational.  Please see the update from March 3 below for important information regarding draw postings, order of play, match times, etc.

Also – again this year – we are collecting any old rackets, tennis bags, and ball hoppers to donate to USTA’s Atlanta Youth Tennis Foundation.  This non-profit organization’s mission is to “promote the physical and mental development of underserved youth through tennis and education”. Please bring items to the tennis tournament. We are also bringing awareness to Tennis Thanks the Troops – an organization which provides scholarships to children in military families.

Details of preliminary draws will soon be posted on our Web site under “Entrants”. Draws will be posted at the tennis center by 3pm on Thursday.

The address for the tennis center is: 6 Trent Jones Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC. We will also be utilizing courts that are located a short walk from the main tennis courts. The address for these courts is: 20 Carnoustie, Hilton Head Island, SC. Typically there is a foot-bridge making both courts very accessible to each other; however, the foot bridge was damaged in the hurricane.

We will also offer draws online (link to be provided on Thursday). Remember – complimentary practice courts will be available on Thursday after 1pm, for players who want to get in some pre-tourney hitting. Grab you racket….some cold drinks….and jump in on some pick-up games.

In deference to all players, we ask you please show up on-time for all matches throughout the weekend.  This will help keep the tournament running smoothly.

If you have any issues which surface later this week, please contact Michael at 404-213-2421 or  mddoyle@yahoo.com.

Let’s get ready for some tennis!!!

Michael Doyle


March 3 Update:

Welcome to the 2017 Southern Tennis Escape Invitational

 Please read the following carefully – your cooperation is essential to a smooth tournament!

TOURNAMENT BRACKETS – Brackets, match times will be posted at the tennis center by 3:00pm on Thursday. They will also be available online (link to be sent out later).


  • All match times will be posted by 2 p.m. on Thursday at the tennis center. Match times will also be available via a USTA link which will be provided prior to the tournament.
  • Friday will begin with Women’s Doubles, followed by Men’s Doubles, and finally Mixed Doubles.
  • Saturday will begin with Men’s Doubles, followed by Women’s Doubles, and finally Mixed Doubles.
  • Sunday – all final matches/times/location posted in advance. Please be sure to check your start time if you’re in the finals! Most round robins will have matches on Sunday.

Please check in at your assigned match time and stay within earshot for minimal delays. All four players must be present before a court will be assigned. If not, your court will be released to the next foursome and your match will start when all are present and the next court is available.  Throughout the tournament, match times will be updated and posted at the tournament desk. We will also be posting the match times and results online.
WARM-UPAll warm-ups are restricted to 10 minutes. Please, please adhere to this request which will help keep matches on schedule. We get behind when warms-up go over 10 minutes (a ten minute warm-up is ten ground strokes, ten volleys, and ten practice serves!)

SCORING – Scoring is regular two sets with the third set a super-tie breaker (first to 10 by 2). As always, this is subject to change.

ANNOUNCE THE MATCH SCORE – To eliminate scoring conflicts, the server must announce the score before every point. Please update the court-score at change over.

REPORTING SCORES – The winning team must report the final score to the tournament desk and return the match balls. Players who lose in the first round will be placed in the consolation round, so check the brackets for your next match time/location.

BYES – Unfortunately, having a bye can be a part of the tournament. If you have a bye in one event on Friday, and are playing in two events, you should have a match scheduled in your second event. If this is not the case, please see Michael.

LUNCHES – Lunch on Friday and Saturday will be served at the tennis center. Lunches are provided for players and paid guests only.

DELAYS HAPPEN! – Even though your match time is assigned, it may be possible a court is not available or your partner/opponent is still playing in another match. Delays will occur, so please be patient and we’ll get you on as quickly as possible.


If an unscheduled circumstance requires an early departure on Sunday PLEASE let Michael know as soon as possible.  This is a courtesy to your opponents as they WILL be affected.

COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE – please keep in mind that Palmetto Dunes has a complimentary shuttle which can take you all over the island. Please consider taking advantage of this great amenity.

THE WEATHER – If rain occurs we will postpone play and provide a time to check back for updates. We reserve the right to change the scoring system if rain or other delays shorten our available court time.

FACEBOOK – if you’re on Facebook, please “like” our page and post any tournament statuses or pictures from the tournament (why not rub it in to those who aren’t here???)

Please keep in mind that this is a fun, enjoyable, recreational tournament. No ATP or WTP points are earned as a result of this tournament. Thanks for joining us!


– Your Southern Tennis Escape Committee –